I help you reach your goals.

I listen to you.

I challenge you.

My extensive psychology and coaching education and my nurturing way of being equip me well to support you. I train teams, lead executive teams and lecture at the University of East London's world class School of Psychology. But most of all, I help people. I help people reach their goals, through positive psychology and coaching.



You may be pondering - should I really do this?


Am I ready to reach for my goals?

Am I ready for change?

Do I want to move forward?


As your coach I move you forward.

Your mind. 

Your body.

Your business.

Your relationships.


I provide the challenge and space you need to grow and accomplish.



/ Life & Executive Coaching  
/ Positive Psychology, Happiness, Development and Change Workshops
/ Public Speaking for charities, businesses and events

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I help to create the focus and emotional balance you need in a safe environment.

I listen, well. I have years of experience supporting people in achieve their goals, a master's degree in applied positive psychology from a leading university programme and an undergraduate degree in psychology.

I have supported businesses and individuals from charities to coaches, artists or business leaders to find the space they need to set accountable goals and reach them. 

Coaching is a natural strength for me, it brings meaning to my life. This, beyond my years of training in psychology and coaching is why I have helped so many.

If you would like to chat and see how we fit, please do get in touch. This could be a moment that changes your life!

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Change in organisations is inevitable. 

As an executive coach, I can support your team to be flexible, perform well, sustain wellbeing and be at their best.

I help create and deliver a structured and focused way of supporting organisations in the best possible way.

Building around your strengths and creating a positive culture and structure which enables change and growth at every level.  

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Creating a Positive Organisation; Develop a positive organisation & create a coaching culture.

Finding Your Strengths; Identify and apply your strengths in real-life simulations. 

Happiness at Work; Why it is essential to prioritise happiness at work through positive relationships, autonomy and meaning.

Feel Your Best; Learn the skills you need to create positive change and feel your best.

Mindfulness Meditation; Learn or develop this life-changing practice.

Creating a Positive Life; Learn the cutting edge in research and apply it to your life.

Survive and Thrive; Learn what it takes to survive and what you can do to thrive.

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