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You may have thought, should I really do this, right? This is your inner traffic lights sense telling you to stop or go. Your body showing you the way. Your compass for self acceptance and growth.
We each learn what moves us forwards and holds us back, knowing both can help to live a good life and perform well.
Whether you are looking to improve your mind, body, business or relationships, there is always so much that can be done. I can provide the space for you to grow and accomplish.

There is no map for life, so growing in the right direction can be hard. Working with self-acceptance can feel like an extra job, but it is your compass for direction in life.

/ Life & Executive Coaching  
/ Positive Psychology, Happiness, Development and Change Workshops
/ Public Speaking for charities, businesses and events

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Clients describe my support as helping them to create the focus and emotional balance they need. Do you need to find the right balance in your emotions or focus in your life? Do you feel working with a kind person with expertise in a safe environment is the right fit for you? Great, it sounds like you are ready for my support.
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Change in organisations is inevitable, at times we need to be flexible, improve performance, wellbeing or support our leaders to be their best. My clients describe my support as helping them to create and deliver a structured and focused way of supporting their organisations in the best possible way. Building around your strengths or creating a positive culture and structure which enables change and growth at every level.  

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Creating a Positive Organisation; Develop a positive organisation & create a coaching culture.

Finding Your Strengths; Identify and apply your strengths in real-life simulations. 

Happiness at Work; Why it is essential to prioritise happiness at work through positive relationships, autonomy and meaning.

Feel Your Best; Learn the skills you need to create positive change and feel your best.

Mindfulness Meditation; Learn or develop this life-changing practice.

Creating a Positive Life; Learn the cutting edge in research and apply it to your life.

Survive and Thrive; Learn what it takes to survive and what you can do to thrive.

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