keith cowley (MBPsS) MSc APPCP, BSc (hons)
keith cowley (MBPsS) MSc APPCP, BSc (hons)
Wellbeing for organisations & individuals / Psychologist, Coach & Meditation Teacher

Wellbeing for organisations & individuals / Psychologist, Coach and Meditation Teacher

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Better wellbeing = organisational performance

1) Create wellbeing skills

2) Practise those skills and bring accomplishment

I help organisations and individuals to learn wellbeing skills that transforms performance.

Using key evidence based methods from Positive Psychology to create the skills that increase wellbeing and better problem solving, stronger teams, more creativity, less stress, less anxiety, less depression, more compassion and empathy and more productive outcomes and communication.

Problem solve better

Create stronger teams

Be more creative

Bring Positive Psychology into your organisation and watch your teams thrive.

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Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week it will be easier to start, when I’ve got some free time or feel a bit less stressed. I know I can do it, but why do I suddenly feel like running the other way when I think of starting? Suddenly everything else feels very important, phone calls, emails, the washing that has been there all week, tidying out messy drawers or going out to get something.

Maybe once I’ve done these things, I’ll be ready to start. After all, didn’t I make a resolution to be kinder to myself, accepting and open to what I need now? Hey, once I get started I’ll be so on it, on my way to changing my life.

Sound familiar? This is one of the many ways we avoid the big goals we want so much and promise ourselves we can and will do. Seriously, when did we start prioritising untidy sock drawers? Why does it feel so hard to - just start - what we know we’re so capable of? Why do we try so hard to talk ourselves out of what would take less energy and motivation to just begin?

Take a moment to think about what it would be like to no longer have this chatter inside your head and the growing happiness you would feel inside to have gotten past this step? To be on your way to achieving your life goals. To have an entirely new relationship with your life.

My own experience
You may have realised that this is no ordinary life coach website. If it were you would see pictures of me in a flashy suit promising 3 steps to success and or happiness in 30 days or the like. Maybe I would show a picture of someone standing on a mountain top having achieved their life’s dream by following my unique approach found nowhere else.

Fortunately this site and my support is different. To start, I’m not an amateur, I’m a British Psychological Society registered Psychologist, not to be confused with a Clinical Psychologist who diagnoses disorders and disease, no, I’m a Wellbeing Psychologist who has studied Psychology at university for over 10 years and along the way gained a BSc (hons) in Psychology and MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I am also a lecturer and meditation teacher.

I have worked on myself along the way and figured out that the only way to achieve is to start and keep going. It can be hard, tough, challenging, difficult, horrible and down right miserable at times, but do we let it get the better of us - no! We focus on what we can do and what our strengths are over our weaknesses, what we got right and how failure is a central and essential part of learning.

My education in learning how people work, what motivates us, what creates barriers and obstacles for just about everyone by the way, along with my experience of self-change and my natural will to help others places me well to support you in changing your life.

As a coach I do like to motivate, challenge and move you forward beyond that first step and support you, show you and provide you with the tools, skills and techniques that help you to get past every barrier and obstacle, reach your goals and go beyond.


- Over 300 hours coaching delivered in a professional setting

- Over 100 happy clients supported

- Lecturer/University of East London

- Researcher/London School of EconomicsAction for Happiness

 - Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) (MBPsS)

- Advisor to the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

- Co-founder of MyDots Ltd - training organisations in wellbeing


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- BSc (hons) Psychology

- MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology


Services & Pricing

Organisational packages

£500 per day

Bringing change in any organisation is always going to make you feel a little on edge but as we all know, change is the only constant in our own lives and the life of our organisations. I have worked with many organisations to deliver positive change through teaching teams and leadership skills which increase wellbeing and performance.

As a PhD student and graduate of a world leading Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching with many years of psychology experience, I am well placed to teach high impact wellbeing skills. I am however, also passionate about bringing this change and helping others. I have enjoyed working with teams and leadership in many varied environments from world leaders in change to smaller more localised businesses who want to take on the world through entrepreneurial and disruptive strategies.

The truth about any business or any work for that matter is that, when we feel less stressed and more well, we work better. We avoid that all familiar emotional and cognitive (brain) overload and our days blend together in a serene and fulfilling masterpiece.

The nitty gritty detail is always what makes a vision and a strategy come together to deliver transformation and transactional positive change. By making your goal to increase wellbeing you are not only hitting the core pillars of your empire, but you are also nurturing your grounds to blossom by reducing stress through your teams and leadership, bringing down risk and cost through the inevitable events of burn out and long-term sickness.

Let’s talk and work out how this approach fits your growth and change needs. Be more than a transactional leader, be transformational. Create a wellbeing and performance package that fits your direction.

* mindfulness for wellbeing and performance, avoid automatically being led by your emotions and bring focus and skill to conversations and decisions.

* preparing teams for change through helping your workforce to understand their strengths and how they blend together to accomplish anything from small tasks to unexpected catastrophic events.

* goal coaching helps your teams and leaders to set clear visions for their future, over a series of conversations and weeks or months, goals are broken down into steps, barriers and brought to the fore and overcome, confidence, courage and accomplishment become reality and goals are redefined to drive forward to newer and greater heights.

* positive psychology and happiness education can create a language and culture for long lasting positive change. When we learn skills like using a growth mindset, meditation and mindfulness, appreciative enquiry, constructive responding, gratitude, kindness and so much more, we have a tool bag ready to transform the way we work and how we impact and influence others.

There is much more to bring to the table depending on the needs of your organisation, but to get the ball rolling, training your team in mindfulness will help reduce stress and increase wellbeing, preparing teams for change will give a flexibility and durability to how your teams perform under any condition, coaching their goals will create clarity in their direction and vision, bringing confidence and transparency, positive psychology and happiness education will create the language and culture to nurture positive transformation to every corner of your organisation.

Wellbeing coaching

£100 per hour

What is wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing coaching is similar to life coaching but entirely evidence based. As a psychologist and coach I help you to create your own plan for wellbeing that works for you in your own time frame and at your own pace. Cutting edge science has helped provide effective tools to develop various mindsets that make life more enjoyable and easier to navigate and cope with. Over weeks or months we create a series of achievable goals and a plan to accomplish these. This experience delivers positive outcomes but also helps you to develop skills to sustain change in your life and likely benefit those around you as you learn how to be your own leader in wellbeing.

Why invest?

Wellbeing coaching is a learning experience where you can develop skills and learn a great detail about yourself and wellbeing while making positive change in your life. While this is not a cheap service it delivers a huge amount of value. Developing your wellbeing is not easy by any means but my clients tell me the reward is much greater than the cost. 

How long does it take?

Whether you want to learn how to cope better with life stress, learn how to flourish and feel positive or just want to develop your understanding of wellbeing and apply it more in your life, we can create a wellbeing plan that works for you in your own way at your own pace. This may take just a few weeks or several months.


How does it work?

Our first session will be two hours to help me to learn about you and give you all the grounding information you need before exploring your goals, expectations and creating a plan for you to accomplish your wellbeing goals. We can meet face-to-face in Bracknell (where I live and work) or over the telephone/Skype as suits you best. Sessions are usually weekly which gives you some time to work on your goals and is frequent enough to spend time working through your accomplishments and obstacles. Giving us the space we need to move you forward. 

(If you would prefer face-to-face coaching outside of Bracknell it can be more costly and my fees will include a minimum of a 1/2 day rate (£350) plus expenses)


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Keith Cowley

Keith is a Positive Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist with over a decade of training which helped him to become an innovator within the Positive Psychology community.

Keith completed a BSc (hons) psychology and MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. He will commence a PhD in 2018.

During 2017/18 Keith will be providing Positive Psychology lectures at the University of East London and has now completed 18 months of data collection for a world leading research project between Action for Happiness (whose Patron is the Dalai Lama) and the London School of Economics. This gold standard waitlist controlled trial is part of a broader initiative to create altruism and enjoyment of life. During 2018, Keith is also the current President of the International Positive Psychology Association's Student Division innovating the strategy, reach and future of this influential initiative.

Keith is also a meditation teacher who gained his Complementary Medical Association approved training under Itai Ivtzan, a mogul of the mindfulness and spirituality research movement.

Keith has delivered workshops, keynote talks and training to organisations such as Save the Children and has covered many topics including how to survive and thrive, be your best, explore what matters, happiness at work, strengths based leadership, resilience, positive psychology in practice and much more.