It all started when...

Keith Cowley explored business, music, travelled and searched for meaning in many places. It was a long journey which always led to the same situation, where Keith found energy, meaning and courage in helping others to realise their dreams. 


Keith decided to study his life long interest, people. He trained through the Open University and gained a BSc (hons) in Psychology also taking up membership with the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).


Keith chose a direction in psychology and signed up to study the world's first MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, also becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training certified by the Complementary Medical Association. 


Keith began to refine his focus in life to reflect what is meaningful to him. He has created ways of supporting others which help to support himself through this business and volunteer work. Volunteering with Action for Happiness as a researcher, IPPA as President Elect of their student division, providing talks at organisations such as Save the Children, the University of Middlesex and many more.


Keith's next step is to undertake a PhD.

A garden is a good example of how an ecology can be more or less conducive to flourishing. If the systems and relationships are balanced in a particular way, the garden can be life giving. The life forces which emerge will likely move towards that which is life giving through a heliotropic effect seen when flowers turn towards the sun. I aim to explore how we could cultivate our human gardens, our ecologies, to understand better, that which enables humans to flourish, physically, psychologically, socially and culturally.

This is important because, we Positive Psychologists have explored much about what individuals can do to flourish. But I feel, to paint a beautiful picture, we also need the backdrop, not just the characters. We need to set the scene, to see what that looks like, to understand why we are painted as we are.

Number one in my life is Nicola, our love and our future beyond this, this exploration will be my life's purpose.